Crunch time for Trending…

“It’s not the despair… I can take the despair. It’s the hope I can’t stand.”

History will record (or maybe it won’t) that on March 9th 2012, a horse was applauded back into the unsaddling enclosure at Wolverhampton by his owners, having finished 5th in a 0-55 contest over 6 furlongs.

An unlikely tale you might think, until you realise that that horse was of course the superbly supported #twitterhorse, Trending…

And what exactly was it about this run – rated just 49 by the Racing Post (i.e not very good) that encouraged his owners to break into applause? It is that word that keeps cropping up in these blogs. Hope.

Having put in two runs at Kempton that would have made a police horse blush (or whatever horses do when they are embarrassed), Trending finally gave his faithful supporters just a glimmer…

From his wide draw, Trending was restrained out the back early and up to his usual tricks, throwing his head around and refusing to settle. Stone last early and potential embarrassment shortening up by the second.

However, as the race developed it became clear that this cheek-pieced son of Dark Angel was arguably travelling better than a couple – no, make that three or even four. Entering the straight, he still had all but one to pass. Would he find anything? On all known form, probably not.

But no – the horse was inhaling rivals in the straight. Ok, artistic licence – but he was definitely passing a few, 8th, 7th, 6th and – thank god – respectability as he ran right to the line to finish 5th of thirteen.

Maybe he needs further? What if he could settle? Maybe he doesn’t like kickback? Better on turf?

Suddenly, we had a contender again. We even (half) impressed the sages at Timeform¬† – Trending “one to keep an eye on” the verdict of the Halifax scholars.

There is always someone to pour cold water over things, though. This time it was the Handicapper. Clearly unimpressed by the race, he put the horse down 2lb for the run to a mark of 49**.

We’ll show him. Now, we just needed a race we could win.

(** Note: With most horses you want their rating to go down to give you a theoretically better chance at the weights when you next run. But, when you get to around 50 – you don’t want them to fall any further, otherwise you will struggle to even get a run in a race. This is the problem when you end up in the bottom rung of racing’s rating pyramid)

A quick glance at the programme book confirmed there were very limited opportunities for 3yo gelding rated 49 – so we needed to strike soon and try to get that rating up.

Wolverhampton, 23rd March, 0-55 for 3 year olds over 7f. D-Day.

Will it be joy or despair for “The Twitterati” at Dunstall Park? Well – we need to get a run first – and if two horses come out (they should do) and we get a decent draw (not out in the bloody car park again please), then despair is definitely still a decent favourite, but joy isn’t quite the hopeless outsider that it has been in recent starts. And – the main thing is we have hope; hope going in –¬† and with a bit of luck, hope coming out.

We’ll always take that.


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2 Responses to Crunch time for Trending…

  1. paddytheshoe says:

    good read seen him run every he can win from that mark with raul claim he could be a snip in a mickey moyse race some time soon !! #belucky

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